Welcomes and Thoughts on the Beginning

Hello all and welcome to my new blog, Life and Gaymes. As wrote on here I hope to meet some people who have a like mind, but also have some who share different viewpoints about things in everyday life as well as in games. 

And that’s really my goal, to talk about what goes on in my life, current events and of my primary hobby, gaming. Every once in a while I also stream on Twitch and I invite everyone to view them when you have a chance. 

I live in the Omaha metro area with my boyfriend/partner Gary where we both work with the same employer. 

Together we try to get through this thing called life where I wish someone would stop spinning a “10” all the time. But we manage to get through it just fine and get to stop and take a picture once in a while. 

We even manage to find the time to go see a show when they roll in. We’ve managed to see The Book Of Mormon, War Horse and Wicked on stage. All good shows by the way. 

That’s it for now, I’ll have something of more substance up soon, please look for me on Twitter @firebird06, where I’ll be sharing when new posts go live. Until next time!


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Just a 20-something living in the Omaha metro with a devoted boyfriend, posting musings about life and my favorite hobby, video gaming. Expect posts about anything that comes to mind.

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