Snow and Crazy People

So, unless you’ve been living under a moss-covered rock in the Shire, you might know that the Midwest is currently in the middle of a snowstorm that’s been going on since the morning of the 31st. Now, of course as I skim through my local news stations, I see plenty of organizations closing doors because of the storm. Multiple reports and meteorologists pleading with citizens to stay indoors, that it’s not a good idea to head outside of your home. Yet I have to. Given the industry and position I have, even if it closed for a day I would still have to be there.

See, I work in a casino. This casino also has a hotel, a hotel full of some local people but also some people from out of state. As much as I may want to stay home and drink cocoa all day, for those folks the only way they can have some basic necessities is if the outlets at the casino remain open. I completely understand not closing for their sake. But throughout the day, I know I will still see people walking in from outside, covered head to toe in snow and layers of clothing (insert witty joke about layers and ogres here), in order to spend some of the money they earned. It’s these individuals that I don’t understand.

Why would you brave a snowstorm in order to have entertainment? Shouldn’t you instead stay home? Enjoy the wonders of the internet, have a home cooked comfort food? (personally, I’d have grilled cheese and tomato soup.) All my questions being raised, but I am aware that some people are without power. I understand that in that case you may have no option but to head somewhere else. Doesn’t it make more sense though to find a friend’s place and stay there? Or am I just overreaching here?

Now, I know when it comes to entertainment I’m much more of a homebody, I’d rather stay inside with a drink and watch a movie/play a game, then go out to a bar. It’s trouble waiting to happen to me. Do I simply not understand the desire to visit a casino in a snowstorm because it’s not what I’d prefer to do? I recognize that it may be so… but shouldn’t common sense kick in? I just needed to vent somewhere.


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Just a 20-something living in the Omaha metro with a devoted boyfriend, posting musings about life and my favorite hobby, video gaming. Expect posts about anything that comes to mind.

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