Life Update

More than anything on here (aside from actual writing on here) one thing I don’t really talk about is life and what’s been going on. High time I talk about that don’t you think?

A lot has changed in the last month. Gary and I moved back to his hometown into a house that can only be described as an event made possible by the planets aligning together. It’s a very comfortable house but it isn’t quite a home yet (we haven’t taken the time to put our pictures on the walls yet). But in having this house for the first time in a long time when I game or we watch a movie we can use our subwoofer. You don’t realize how important it is in sound to have bass until you can’t use it. But aside from that, there’s a backyard with a fence and a deck that we are so happy about.

Even this morning we went outside while Gary did some work, and I gave our new puppy some attention. Oh yea, we have a new dog. SURPRISE! So, he is a 2 1/2 year old husky named Riley and he is a bundle of energy. He loves people so much he can and will bowl you over. But we are quickly discovering he is a drama queen. If he is feeling ignored he will let you know with the infamous husky warble. He’s a challenge to please, but Gary and I are more than up to it because we had been missing a pet when we were in our apartment. IMG_1866

Our work lives haven’t really changed but over the summer it becomes a challenge because of the activities that are popular in the Omaha metro. Mainly things like the College World Series and the Stir Concert Series. For Gary it’s about getting people to experience what the area has to offer, while I make sure they behave themselves. Suffice to say I think Gary has more fun, but I don’t think he will ever admit it.

Lately I have triumphed in my gaming adventures by getting Gary to play through Batman: Arkham Asylum. But, Stephen, I hear you ask, what about Arkham Knight? Well, I’m being evil with him. I’m having him play through Arkham City before he even starts Knight. See, I’m big on following a story in the order it was presented, and I feel especially with the Arkham series of games that unless you follow it, you’ll be confused by the events and references in Knight. But, really, I got him to play and finish a game. But I’ve been playing Batman: Arkham Knight lately and I think I’m getting close to the end, but it’s been a blast to not only play it but stream it. I’ve consistently had about 30 people watching at once and it has been incredible and so much fun. Along with the increase in viewers, there’s been an uptick in followers. Right now, it’s at 113, and I can only hope it will continue to go up.

It really feels like things are clicking together, but best of all: we are comfortable. We seem to sleep better and relax more. I don’t know exactly what it is but right now everything is looking up. And I couldn’t ask for more than that.