When a House Becomes a Home

Gary and I very recently welcomed in a couple of new purchases that I feel I am far more excited about than I should be: a new washer and dryer set from Samsung. The washer is a top-load, that has a huge drum inside of it that manages to clean at least twice as much as we used to be able to. That alone makes me happy that I won’t be devoting as much time to laundry as I should, but it’s also super quiet and intelligent. See, before the load even begins, the drum rotates back and forth. As far as we can tell, the washer does that to let the clothes settle, and possibly to weigh what is in there. Only then does it start taking in water and giving you an ETA. Also there’s just the sight of being able to plop an entire basket of clothes inside and still have room for more. The dryer is good too, it sounds just like any other dryer, but I’m noticing that some of Gary’s cardigans are more consistently dry then they were with our previous models. Aside from that, it also boasts the ability to steam clothes on a removable rack. I don’t even have to iron unless I want to! Huzzah! And there’s a paragraph on laundry. I didn’t just jump the shark, I pole-vaulted. IMG_2591

But why am I talking about a household chore? Well, the buying of these appliances was sparked by the notion/realization by Gary and I that we are going to be staying at the house we live in for the foreseeable future. So, we figure why not start making the house truly ours by adding or removing things as we see fit? The washer and dryer are only the beginning. We are also planning on getting a new microwave, though I don’t know if that’s more to have a new one we can truly call our own or if we are too lazy to actually clean it. And one other change that I’m excited for: laminate flooring.

I imagine that will be a true pain in the ass to deal with as far as installation goes, but I think laminate or hardwood makes a place seem more rustic. When combined with my taste in modern home decor that can involve smooth metallic surfaces and glass, I imagine it’ll be a good-looking combination. But I feel like the microwave and laminate floors are fish sticks compared to the other thing we want to replace: the stove.

And it won’t be an easy one to do either, Gary wants to ensure the color of the stove will match the fridge and the new washer and dryer. But aside from that, we need to have a gas stove. Gary says it cooks evenly and I have no idea if that is true. What I would rather have are the induction stoves that have no coils on them, just a flat cooking surface. I think it’s more visually appealing but is immensely easier to clean. But. one thing I’m seeing a lot of are included griddles with gas stoves. You place them in the center of the top cooking area and it has a dedicated heat point. It’s going to be ideal for pancakes or grilling a burger in the middle of winter. Oh! Or grilled shrimp. Drooling_homer

Aside from that I’m sure over time we will want to paint a wall, or put something up on the wall, but at that point the house will have effectively become our home. It’ll be filled and more or less filled with our things. It’ll become that place we can come to and things will be where we want them to be and we have complete control over it. Who am I kidding, we all know these two truly rule, no matter what we do to the house. IMG_2593

But in all seriousness, there is still one thing that irks me about getting stuff of our own. Everything works. There was nothing wrong with the appliances we have had before, and part of me doesn’t like spending money on something like that when we don’t need it. Despite that dissonance, something has changed in my own thought process. The appliances will be ours and should we move we can take them with us. Where before I would argue to save money, now I’m choosing to embrace the spending. It starts with a washer and dryer but it will end with having a house become our home. And in the end that means everything.


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