X (Box) Marks The PC

Microsoft had their Xbox briefing Monday morning, and talked mostly about games and then a little bit of hardware and about Xbox Live itself. Let’s not dawdle, there was a lot going on.

First and foremost, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer opened the show with condolences for those affected from the Orlando attack. It’s especially a surprise for Xbox to do it very first thing, as historically they cut to an opening demo.

But after that it was to the usual business and Microsoft wasted no time in confirming the rumored Xbox One S. The slim model is 40% smaller, moves the power brick into the box, plays 4K Blu-Ray discs and 4K streaming, and is ready for HDR gaming. However, this also removes the Kinect port. Now if one wants to use it, there’s and adapter for a USB port. Further, the controller has also seen a slight upgrade with Bluetooth functionality and a new textured grip. It’s priced at $299 for a 500GB model, $349 for 1TB, or $399 for 2TB. It’s a great offer for anyone new to the Xbox One, but I’ll explain later why it may not be good for the biggest of gamers.

Then, the first game, Gears of War 4, was shown off while also showcasing a new initiative for Xbox. Like with Quantum Break earlier this year, Gears of War 4 would also be coming to Windows 10, but would also be the first title to feature the new Xbox Play Anywhere. Xbox Play Anywhere will let people buy a game digitally on both Xbox One and Windows 10 for one price. These games aren’t just cross-buy, they are cross-save and cross-play as well. I for one, see this as a fantastic new initiative for those gamers that can play own both, or for PC users that were interested in an Xbox title but didn’t want to make the plunge. Let’s hope it works better then Games for Windows Live.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 7.12.42 PMBut Gears of War 4 is also going to have support for the new High Dynamic Range that the S is going to offer. This will create better colors and greater visuals. I’m always happy for prettier titles, but the catch is you need a compatible TV which means you need a recent probably 4K TV. Will it matter when most haven’t bought in or is the thing that gets people to? A gameplay demo was also shown, and the biggest takeaway I had was that Gears of War 4 looked to be a lot more colorful, but still played like Gears. Surely that’s great for fans but if you haven’t paid attention to it, I doubt this game will change your mind. Gears of War 4 comes out October 11th. Is that not enough Gears for you? There’s a specially designed Elite controller for Gears 4 coming at the same time too. It’s assumed that ti’ll be the normal $150.

Is that STILL not enough Gears? The fighting game Killer Instinct is also joining the Xbox Play Anywhere program and is getting a new character, General Raam from Gears of War. General Raam is free to play this week.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 7.20.22 PMAnother Xbox Play Anywhere title was unveiled next, as Forza Horizon 3 races to the Australian coast. I’m not a big fan of racers myself but holy cow this game is gorgeous to behold. Instead of focusing on gameplay mechanics (which is a smart move to me) a stage demo instead focused on the cross-platform multiplayer. They had two PCs on stage, one using a race wheel, and the other using  a gamepad playing along with an Xbox One and Xbox One S. Having not played a Horizon title before, I am interested after watching the gameplay, but but maybe it’s just the multiplayer aspect I like seeing. Forza Horizon 3 is coming to Windows 10 and Xbox One on September 27th.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 7.28.52 PMYet another Xbox Play Anywhere title, a gameplay trailer for Recore was finally shown. From the creators of Mega Man and Metroid Prime, gameplay has you traversing a far future Earth and using robot companions to overcome various challenges. I’m interested in this because of the pedigree behind it, but also as a great alternative to all of the multiplayer titles. It releases _________ on Xbox One and Windows 10 for $40 and gives you Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts for the Xbox One through Backwards Compatibility for free. Strangest bundle offer, but if you don’t have it that’s a great way to get it.

Next title shown at the Xbox conference is… not exclusive. They showed a Titan boss battle in Final Fantasy XV. Certainly not complaining that it was shown, but there was no commentary during the gameplay. It created a very confusing segment that I wish was expanded upon. No exclusive features for the Xbox One were mentioned or announced, which really makes me question why it was shown in the first place. I mean, we’ve known that Final Fantasy XV was coming to the console for a good while now. It felt out of place. Don’t get me wrong, still interested in the title though.

As an example of a good third-party appearance, Tom Clancy’s The Division showed off a new upcoming DLC for June 28th named Underground. Having not played it, I don’t have any opinion on it but for fans, I’m sure more DLC is always good news. Also, we kind of already knew it, bit Battlefield 1 can be played on Xbox One earlier than other platforms through EA Access. You can play it starting October 13th if you are a member of EA Access. What I don’t approve of though, is a showing of the exact same trailer that EA’s own conference showed just the night before. At least bring something a little different or even extended hm?

At this point, Xbox Live took a break from showing games and talked about the Xbox Live service itself and announced some new features coming. One, Clubs, will allow you to create your own communities to find friends and players easier then ever. True, this feature is already on the PlayStation 4, but this feature has been long overdue and I’m excited. Next, was Background Music. I know some like it and have waited for a long time for it, but personally, I prefer to listen to the game’s own music when playing. You can also select your preferred language for your home console. So, if your family is more fluent in Spanish, this would allow you to make all games and apps display the Spanish language by default. I don;t know of anyone that will take advantage, but it’s a good move in my book. Further, Xbox Live started to branch out. As a service, it’s now available on iOS and Android devices as well. Still another feature, Looking For Group, was announced and explained as “a wanted ad for gamers” where you look for gamers that are going for a particular goal or achievement. Lastly Arena is a new tournament platform for eSports or those that just want to play against each other. It’s not bad, but I’m not really that concerned myself.

Minecraft also made some waves and showed off that multiplayer can now be engaged over different platforms including Xbox One, Windows 10, Oculus, iOS, and Android. Notably, there’s no PS4 or Wii U. Also, you can ear achievements or invite people from your Xbox friends list. I wish that the other networks would reach out and bridge the gap. Still, pretty cool announcement.

Oh, remember those controller upgrades? It’s also possible to get your own custom controller. For a bit of a premium over the original, you can mix and match colors and have them engraved at the Xbox Labs website. Not a bad service, but it’s on that seems inconsequential.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 7.50.11 PMPlayhead’s latest title, Inside is almost here! They announced with a trailer that it’s coming out June 29th. But aside from that, LIMBO is now free for Xbox One owners. And free is always great news. But aside from that, Inside has been greatly anticipated because of how well LIMBO was received. If you haven’t tried it before now is the perfect time.

Being that Inside is an ID@Xbox title, it should come as no surprise that a sizzle real started highlighting some big titles on the way like Cuphead, Below, Outlast II, and Stardew Valley.Eagle-eyed observers of the sizzle trailer will have noticed that four titles; Cupped, Slime Rancher, The Culling, and Everspace are also Xbox Play Anywhere titles. Also right after the trailer, Ark: Survival Evolved was announced as another title in the program, and that it would honor previous purchases was well. Could this be a sign that any 3rd party publisher could enable the service too? I hope so. The more people that play these gases, the better.

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 11.54.48 AMA demo was also showcased for an upcoming ID@Xbox title that would also be making it’s way to Game Preview: We Happy Few. Personally I’m excited for it and I get a very Bioshock-ish vibe from it with the characters being controlled to some degree by a drug called Joy. I for one know I’m going to play when it comes to Xbox Game Preview on July 26th.

But my guess is that the next game will get a lot of people excited. CD Projekt Red, the folks that made the Witcher series wold be creating a spin-off based on the very successful card mini-game, Gwent. Gwent will feature a single-player campaign, and cross-platform multiplayer between PCs and “consoles”.  A closed beta will be coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs in September 2016.  Interested? You can register at playgwent.com.

Why stop the competition at cards though? Next up Microsoft showed that Tekken 7 would also be coming to Xbox One and Windows PCs simultaneously with the PS4 release in early 2017. On stage, a demo showcased the story mode that would switch between cutscenes and actual fighting gameplay. But why stop there? Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was also made free for all Xbox Live Gold members through Backwards Compatibility. Again, free is great.

Moving right on to the next title is another game coming to Xbox One and Windows 10, but notably was not labeled as an exclusive. Dead Rising 4 will release this holiday on both Xbox One and Windows 10 and could eventually make it’s way to other platforms in the future. Dead Rising 4 will feature Frank West as the main protagonist again as he bashes and shoots his way through hordes of zombies 16 years after the first game.

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 12.21.49 PMNext up though was a demo for a game coming in 2017 from Platinum Games, Scalebound. In the demo, 4 players worked together to bring down a massive boss. It could be fun, but it didn’t seem like fun to me. I’m hoping that I will be proved wrong when it releases. Scalebound is yet another title that will be Xbox Play Anywhere.

Now as for something I am excited for, the upcoming Rare title, Sea of Thieves was shown with some gameplay of “real gamers” playing it. It came across as genuine and really spoke to the goal of “play how you want” that they’re going for. Sea of Thieves will be coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 as a Xbox Play Anywhere title. Sea of Thieves unfortunately does not have a release windows yet.

Was Dead Rising 4 not enough zombie mayhem for you? Good, because State of Decay 2 is coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 as another Xbox Play Anywhere title due to come in 2017. Just the trailer was shown.

The final game on display is a big one for Microsoft, Halo Wars 2. It’ll be coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 as a Xbox Play Anywhere title and bring back the RTS gameplay to console on February 21, 2017. Halo Wars 2 also launched a public beta that ends on June 20th. I’m excited for this only because I haven’t tried the first one yet, but I loved titles like Age of Empires and Starcraft.

With all of the games shown off I thought that was it. But Phil Spencer hit the stage again and with a trailer introduced “Project Scorpio” publicly. This is why I can’t decide if the Xbox One S is worth getting right now. Project Scorpio is going to be a very powerful console that will allow for 4K gaming, VR support, and HDR gaming. Project Scorpio will release sometime in 2017. There’s been a lot of talk this last week over wether it makes the S obsolete before it releases, or if it will create a fractured user base. Unfortunately, right now I don’t think the answers are all there. I feel like Scorpio will be the biggest story at next year’s E3, but for right now, it leaves more questions then answers.

But Scorpio, aside, the Xbox conference was almost more about Windows 10 being welcomed back with open arms into the Xbox family, and that can only be a great thing. My only concern is that it will give people less reason to pick up an Xbox One and just beef up their existing PCs. Time will tell.

But there’s my admittedly long-winded look at the Xbox show, lots of games, some added features, some new hardware and even some free games. I’ll be working on the Ubisoft briefing and I’m hoping that I’ll get that out sooner then later.


Bethesda Honors A Quake-ing Audience

Before I truly begin to look into Bethesda’s 2016 E3 showcase, it would be a grievous mistake to not highlight what they started. As a sign of solidarity with victims, their families, and others affected, all speakers for Bethesda wore rainbow ribbons. Bethesda created a classy move that was followed by each conference that followed.

But, that sad event is not why you are here, you’re here to look at some fantastic games, so let’s get to it.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 6.44.22 AMBethesda started their event with a wonderful homage to the old DOS operating system where they booted up a Quake trailer to marvelous applause. It was only a CG trailer for the upcoming Quake Champions. Now the big surprise given the present gaming landscape is that Quake Champions dares to be a competitive shooter only available for PC. It does follow the classic release plans for Quake, and it’s a surprising move. What isn’t a surprising move is that Bethesda is pledging to support eLeagues with Quake Champions. It’s been made for that kind of environment when Quake first premiered twenty years ago.  More is promised but it won’t be shown until QuakeCon in August.

Next, after a quick review of Bethesda’s successes, the opening cinematic for The Elder Scrolls: Legends was shown. Here, actual gameplay was shown, as well as some information on the single-player campaign. But, most exciting is that Legends is expanding it’s platform base to every iOS device, Android device, Mac, and PC. If you’re interested in the Beta, you can still sign up!

They quickly moved to a video that made several announcements including new DLC for Fallout 4. The Contraptions add-on will let you add things like elevators, sorting machines, armor racks, and conveyer belts to your settlement. It arrives next week. Bethesda also showed a Vault-Tec add-on that allows you to create your own Vaults in Fallout 4. That releases in July. Lastly, a new area was shown and may have a campaign for it. The tourist attraction of Nuka-World comes in August.

The video stayed on theme and talked about a new update coming for Fallout Shelter, a very successful mobile game that is making the leap to PC in July. All of these add-ons will ensure that Fallout 4 and Shelter remain popular for a while, but it does also sound like next year we could end up with a new RPG that’s similar to Fallout and the Elder Scrolls.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 7.12.01 AMThen lastly, Bethesda owned up to the rumors and showed a trailer for The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim – Special Edition coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One. This new version of Skyrim will feature new and revamped graphics as well as mods made available on console. Journey back to Skyrim October 28th. Personally I think it’s great to have that come back and I for one can’t wait to get back into it and stream it!

Bethesda next brought out Arkane Studios for one of the projects they’ve been working on. A trailer was released for Prey, a new psychological title coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Some games are about zombies, but Prey is the game that won’t stop. This is now the second attempt at using the name and having it live on. Prey has a planned release in 2017 with more promised at Quakecon. I’m certainly intrigued and really enjoyed the trailer that was shown.

Next Bethesda went back to the familiar and talked about the latest entry in the DOOM franchise. They talked about free DLC in the form of new construction sets, props, and logic options for the SnapMap feature, which allows you to create your own maps. Unto The Evil will be coming later this summer and be the first premium DLC for DOOM. It’ll provide a few new maps, a new playable demon, along with more weapons and armor. Finally, they also announced that for the week, the 1st level would be available for free for everyone to try. More ways to play that are mostly free and a free way to entice new players like myself? That’s certainly a great way to expand your user base.

Bethesda quickly shifted gears to The Elder Scrolls Online, and I have to say this is where I was lost, but that’s more because I don’t play MMOs. But, the announcements were still innovative, including an initiative to have every player be able to join in every quest and with any other player regardless of progression. Also, a new Dark Brotherhood quest-line was revealed and as this was one of my fav parts of Oblivion, I hope players are excited.

Half expectedly and half surprise, Bethesda also announced plans to put DOOM and Fallout 4 onto VR with Fallout 4 being announced for HTC Vive. I’m intrigued in VR, but right now the price point is too steep for me but for those that have it this has to be a great announcement.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 8.59.11 AMNext, Bethesda dove head first into a lengthy Dishonored 2 demo. Showing a new vibrant city to explore with two characters you can play as , Emily Baldwin, or the hero of the first title, Corvo. Dishonored 2 utilizes a new engine named VOID that allows the developers to create a vibrant and visibly historical city. Dishonored 2 will still focus on letting the player play how they want and the story changing based on your actions. Emily will have new powers, while Corvo’s utilize new skill trees. It looks to me like Dishonored 2 will be a natural progression of the mechanics of the first title, and the world that has been created is one I enjoyed before. Dishonored 2 is one title I will be keeping tabs on, and you may want to as well. Dishonored 2 releases for PC, PS4 and Xbox One 11.11.16

Overall, Bethesda had most of their big franchises on display at E3, with only Wolfenstein really left out. Unless you want to consider Prey as a new game, the presentation was also very light on any risk. Each item unveiled is sure to be a hit. Is this the sign of a publisher playing it safe, or hitting a golden age?

Regardless, it was a fantastic showing and will lead into the next conference I tackle, the rapid fire Xbox 2016 Media Briefing. See you then!

EA Phones E3 In

Hello everyone and welcome to another look at what’s happening in Los Angeles for E3. Let’s get right to it with EA’s conference.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 11.05.10 AM
Titan SMASH!

EA kicked it off with the much-teased Titanfall 2 and was a great reveal showcasing the upcoming single-player campaign and the revamped multiplayer. The single-player’s story or campaign structure is largely unknown right now, but it’s inclusion is good enough to me for now. The multiplayer not only looks fantastic but can we talk about the grappling hook? Because wow that will change a lot of the dynamic when playing as a Pilot. The hook appears to let you grab onto ledges, Titans, and other pilots(for some sweet mid-air pummeling action too). So far it’s unclear if there are limits to the hook’s ability, but at the moment it looks like the most promising addition.  I can’t wait for the Open Beta which should be coming up later this summer ahead of the October 28th release date.

EA also talked, predictably about Madden and FIFA, and while I know the games have a strong following I can’t say I’m among them. But what I do find interesting is that, following the ever-growing trend, Madden is having a Pro Sports League. I’m hoping that it will end up having more understanding fans then some leagues have shown so far.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 11.09.06 AMFIFA though had some surprises in store for fans including what looks to be a true story in a sports game. It looks as if the line between Sports and RPG game are growing ever blurrier. However, aside from the one notable addition, it sounds like any other annual release. I’m sure it’ll be a big release for EA, but outside looking in it doesn’t pull me in. Not sure what would though.

As ready as I am for the next entry into the Mass Effect universe, Mass Effect Andromeda, I’m supremely disappointed by the showing at EA’s conference. We didn’t get true gameplay. We don’t know anything new about the story, just a cinematic trailer with small details. We know that a Mako-like vehicle will be in the game, as well as at least one Asarian character. But aside from that? Nothing for certain. There’s still too many questions for a game that looks like it will be pushed back into 2017. The only thing we know for sure? It’ll use the Frostbite engine, which at this point is a requirement if you make a game with EA apparently. Here’s hoping Microsoft or Sony blow the lid off of the game.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 11.11.31 AMAs a total surprise, after the success of Unraveled, EA announced a new program called EA Originals.The first game shown off as part of this program is Fe from Zoink Games. It’s a game without dialogue that will cast the player as a cub trying to find it’s way back to it’s own kind. In the game, the songs of the forest will guide the player to where they need to go. But, all the while “beings of silence” will be corrupting the forest. Visually it looks minimalist and very pleasing to explore. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one for sure. Oh, and that EA Originals program? All the money goes back to the developer. So, there’s that.

EA didn’t stop there in trying to be charitable. Multiple games including FIFA and Star Wars Battlefront will shortly have events meant to raise awareness and money for specific charities. Players will need to complete challenges in order for the money to be raised. When a game company gives money to charities, it’s great. When a company does it and gets the fans involved, it’s even better.

The biggest disappointment of the night came with Star Wars fan-fare. I know, totally unexpected. EA teased that seven developers are working on Star Wars content and showed us footage of the developers talking about what they are making and… that was it. No names of the projects, no firm dates aside from vague “2017” or “2018” markers. That may be the biggest achievement of this briefing: EA managed to make people disappointed with Star Wars. Only one other man did that in 1999.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 11.13.39 AMLastly, Battlefield 1 was shown off, and it was announced that there will be a public beta later this summer as well as a live stream right after the show with Alpha gameplay from celebrities like Jamie Foxx and Zac Efron. That is the strangest sentence I have ever written. It’s nice to see celebrities are interested in it too, but at the same time it was unnecessary. In my mind, it would’ve had more impact if members of the audience were invited to participate in the stream.

But that was all that was announced. Notice anything missing? You should, because plenty of EA’s assets were no-shows. No talk of upcoming improvements to NHL or NBA Live titles. Nothing from PopCap Games, or Criterion, or Ghost Games. It comes as a surprise that some of the biggest franchises with EA were also never brought up. Not just the aforementioned sports titles, but no sign of Plants vs. Zombies, Bejeweled, Need For Speed, Dragon Age, Burnout, The Sims, and UFC. These are just the ones I assumed we could see announcements for, even if it was just DLC. I have the impression that EA didn’t have a whole lot lined up for their own conference and may be waiting to make larger splashes at either Xbox’s or PlayStation’s conferences. Time will tell.

But my general thought on EA’s 2016 E3 conference is that it was a lot of talk and aside from Fe, was generally lacking in true surprise. Aside from talking about Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1, it also felt like most of the developers had little to show from their work over the last year. Next I’ll be talking about the Bethesda briefing!

Injustices of Watching Deus Ex Dogs

Even before E3, the announcements are already flying faster than Sonic in the Green Hills Zone. This last Wednesday saw two games have an official unveiling and one got more details.


First up, the furthest to release, the newest fighting game from NetherRealm Studios: Injustice 2. Injustice 2 picks up where the first left off with Regime Superman locked up in a prison. Evidently he manages to break out and meet with loyalists which puts Batman and other “Insurgent” characters in a bind while they try to give Earth it’s freedom back. The trailer showcases a few of the heroes you can play as, like Superman, Flash, Batman, Aquaman, and the new fighter, Supergirl.

This trailer doesn’t give us much to go on. No lines of dialogue are spoken by the heroes themselves, but there is a narrator that makes a reference to a pit. And that each time he comes out of it he emerges stronger, like a monster in the night. That immediately makes me think of longtime Bat-nemesis Ra’s-al Ghul. For those who don’t know, he is a master of a group of ninjas that clash with Batman frequently and he re-energizes himself with Lazarus Pits around the world. Could he be a new villain in this alternate DC Universe?

Otherwise the armor coming on top of itself combined with the press release makes me think those are peeks into the customization of the heroes and villains that will be coming. Unfortunately, with only a trailer that is all I can gleam from it. So let’s move on to an in-depth look with some cybernetics on it’s bones: Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

Deus Ex had a LOT to offer so let’s get right to it. First, Square Enix saw fit to grant us another mobile game in the inspired GO series based on the recent Adam Jensen titles. Deus Ex GO will allow the player to use augmentations in combat and hacking scenarios to solve the puzzles laid out before you. It’s expected this summer on unspecified smartphones and tablets. It looks similar in style to the previous entries, Hitman and Tomb Raider, and will be more about careful problem solving then pure action. Having never played one of these games myself, I can’t gleam anything further from the teeny trailer they put out.

Next, a new mode was revealed called Breach that will be included with Mankind Divided. Breach appears to put a normal person into a VR setting to infiltrate a corporation’s mainframe and extract information it’s holding. While in this mode, you can unlock additional weapons, attachments and augmentations to combat the digital defenses. Also, it has it’s own story and art direction. Further, it also has leaderboards and challenges to add a layer of multiplayer over it. However, this doesn’t appear to add a traditional multiplayer mode to Deus Ex.

Personally, I’m excited for this mode. The base game is already going to have a variety of gameplay, situations, and possibilities, but adding another mode that doesn’t get in the way of the primary story is exactly how you add longevity to a game like this. It has been stated that Breach will be supported with additional content post-launch. I also appreciate the different art style so that at a glance you can easily tell what Jensen’s story is and what Breach is.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 12.30.04 PM

After that wonderful trailer, they showcased a portion of the main game that sees Jensen waking up in his apartment in Prague two years after the events of Human Revolution. Jensen finds he has a problem with his augmentations, so calls a friend to get repairs, but finds he is surrounded by thugs. Jensen then has to go and rescue him. While exploring the environment, the demo shows us how a simple conversation with police could be handled plenty of different ways just as in Human Revolution. But what’s most striking about Prague is that there’s so much natural color to the city and it truly feels lived in, unlike Human Revolution’s Detroit which comparatively is barren. Additionally, the sight of seeing segregated lines marked “Natural” and “Aug” for a train stop is downright painful and echoes the Civil Rights Movement to a T. The art direction is truly impressive. The remainder of the demo showcases how the environment will play a big role in traversal as well as in planning your methods to resolving your encounters. The combat doesn’t feel much different, but of course we have a number of new augmentations for both lethal and non-lethal purposes. Human Revolution was a favorite of mine, and I am positively excited for what Mankind Divided has in store. But the last game I want to talk about? This one moves from Chicago to the sun-soaked city of San Francisco.

Watch Dogs 2 stars an all-new hero, Marcus Holloway in the city of San Fran as he is part of a hacktivist group named Dedsec. Right away the game feels very different from it’s predecessor because of the sun-soaked setting, having a black character, and being part of a group. In fact, it’s the group that adds a “always-on” multiplayer layer where you can see other people playing the campaign and engage in co-op missions fluidly. It looks like it could be a lot of fun, a graphic surprise, but I am left wondering what Marcus’ motivations are. As part of a hacktivist group they usually have a clear reason of why they do things, but the reveal hasn’t addressed that yet. Further, they gave Marcus a… unique weapon. It’s little more than a billiard ball with rope. Compared to Aiden in the first game that he has some jumping capabilities, Marcus is a full-on parkouring hero. Looks like he will have plenty of tricks and flourishes up his sleeve. But, perhaps we will learn more at E3. Still have to pick up the first game myself, maybe this will be the push I need to check it out.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 12.34.18 PM

You can expect some analysis for each conference as it occurs, and I will do my best to crank them out as quickly as I can. Further, I’m also hoping to do some video analysis, but that’s very new territory for me. So, hope you can gleam some info from me as we all venture head-first into E3 2016.

Want to look at the vids I mentioned above? Here’s the YouTube channels for Injustice, Deus Ex, and Ubisoft US, home of Watch Dogs 2.

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