Injustices of Watching Deus Ex Dogs

Even before E3, the announcements are already flying faster than Sonic in the Green Hills Zone. This last Wednesday saw two games have an official unveiling and one got more details.


First up, the furthest to release, the newest fighting game from NetherRealm Studios: Injustice 2. Injustice 2 picks up where the first left off with Regime Superman locked up in a prison. Evidently he manages to break out and meet with loyalists which puts Batman and other “Insurgent” characters in a bind while they try to give Earth it’s freedom back. The trailer showcases a few of the heroes you can play as, like Superman, Flash, Batman, Aquaman, and the new fighter, Supergirl.

This trailer doesn’t give us much to go on. No lines of dialogue are spoken by the heroes themselves, but there is a narrator that makes a reference to a pit. And that each time he comes out of it he emerges stronger, like a monster in the night. That immediately makes me think of longtime Bat-nemesis Ra’s-al Ghul. For those who don’t know, he is a master of a group of ninjas that clash with Batman frequently and he re-energizes himself with Lazarus Pits around the world. Could he be a new villain in this alternate DC Universe?

Otherwise the armor coming on top of itself combined with the press release makes me think those are peeks into the customization of the heroes and villains that will be coming. Unfortunately, with only a trailer that is all I can gleam from it. So let’s move on to an in-depth look with some cybernetics on it’s bones: Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

Deus Ex had a LOT to offer so let’s get right to it. First, Square Enix saw fit to grant us another mobile game in the inspired GO series based on the recent Adam Jensen titles. Deus Ex GO will allow the player to use augmentations in combat and hacking scenarios to solve the puzzles laid out before you. It’s expected this summer on unspecified smartphones and tablets. It looks similar in style to the previous entries, Hitman and Tomb Raider, and will be more about careful problem solving then pure action. Having never played one of these games myself, I can’t gleam anything further from the teeny trailer they put out.

Next, a new mode was revealed called Breach that will be included with Mankind Divided. Breach appears to put a normal person into a VR setting to infiltrate a corporation’s mainframe and extract information it’s holding. While in this mode, you can unlock additional weapons, attachments and augmentations to combat the digital defenses. Also, it has it’s own story and art direction. Further, it also has leaderboards and challenges to add a layer of multiplayer over it. However, this doesn’t appear to add a traditional multiplayer mode to Deus Ex.

Personally, I’m excited for this mode. The base game is already going to have a variety of gameplay, situations, and possibilities, but adding another mode that doesn’t get in the way of the primary story is exactly how you add longevity to a game like this. It has been stated that Breach will be supported with additional content post-launch. I also appreciate the different art style so that at a glance you can easily tell what Jensen’s story is and what Breach is.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 12.30.04 PM

After that wonderful trailer, they showcased a portion of the main game that sees Jensen waking up in his apartment in Prague two years after the events of Human Revolution. Jensen finds he has a problem with his augmentations, so calls a friend to get repairs, but finds he is surrounded by thugs. Jensen then has to go and rescue him. While exploring the environment, the demo shows us how a simple conversation with police could be handled plenty of different ways just as in Human Revolution. But what’s most striking about Prague is that there’s so much natural color to the city and it truly feels lived in, unlike Human Revolution’s Detroit which comparatively is barren. Additionally, the sight of seeing segregated lines marked “Natural” and “Aug” for a train stop is downright painful and echoes the Civil Rights Movement to a T. The art direction is truly impressive. The remainder of the demo showcases how the environment will play a big role in traversal as well as in planning your methods to resolving your encounters. The combat doesn’t feel much different, but of course we have a number of new augmentations for both lethal and non-lethal purposes. Human Revolution was a favorite of mine, and I am positively excited for what Mankind Divided has in store. But the last game I want to talk about? This one moves from Chicago to the sun-soaked city of San Francisco.

Watch Dogs 2 stars an all-new hero, Marcus Holloway in the city of San Fran as he is part of a hacktivist group named Dedsec. Right away the game feels very different from it’s predecessor because of the sun-soaked setting, having a black character, and being part of a group. In fact, it’s the group that adds a “always-on” multiplayer layer where you can see other people playing the campaign and engage in co-op missions fluidly. It looks like it could be a lot of fun, a graphic surprise, but I am left wondering what Marcus’ motivations are. As part of a hacktivist group they usually have a clear reason of why they do things, but the reveal hasn’t addressed that yet. Further, they gave Marcus a… unique weapon. It’s little more than a billiard ball with rope. Compared to Aiden in the first game that he has some jumping capabilities, Marcus is a full-on parkouring hero. Looks like he will have plenty of tricks and flourishes up his sleeve. But, perhaps we will learn more at E3. Still have to pick up the first game myself, maybe this will be the push I need to check it out.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 12.34.18 PM

You can expect some analysis for each conference as it occurs, and I will do my best to crank them out as quickly as I can. Further, I’m also hoping to do some video analysis, but that’s very new territory for me. So, hope you can gleam some info from me as we all venture head-first into E3 2016.

Want to look at the vids I mentioned above? Here’s the YouTube channels for Injustice, Deus Ex, and Ubisoft US, home of Watch Dogs 2.

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